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Here's a Compendium of My Work

Writer's Block: Happy Turkey Day!

I'm thankful for my fam and friends who are here and those not here, that the Lord blessed my life to know. Time for grudges to end should be today!!! Because tomorrow wasn't promised to any of us! So, live life epically!!! =)
What are you most thankful for?

Heavy : A Gunsmoke Fic

Title: Heavy

Author: Perverted Priestess 69

Paring/Fandom: Matt Dillon/Chester Goode from the Marshal Dillon series episodes of the Gunsmoke franchise.

Rating: G

Warning: Angst

Summary: Chester's in a deep depression, and it's all because he's becoming more attracted to a man who's destined to a dangerous profession.

Disclaimer: Marshal Dillon/Gunsmoke belongs Paramount Entertainment. I make no money from this work!

As the night comes to some semblance of peace Chester leaves the marshal and heads back to the jail. His wide leg gimp, even noticeable in the dark, to all who could see him come from a mile away. He opens the door into the darkness of the office and enters into it. He can't care to light the lantern, it just makes his misery grown, a little more to watch the flames. He hunkers down into one of the chairs and thinks about how things have been going for the marshal and himself. To be honest, the concern was more about the marshal, than his own life.

Since, becoming a deputy he's seen what it's like, on a daily basis, for the marshal. It's a fine thin line he walks, between being the law and an outlaw. The marshal's managed to even lose a good friend by the very gun he swore to protect Dodge City with. It was the first time he'd seen the marshal shook. He'd never seen anything to test the marshal's courage, before. Although, he still trusted him with his life, he'd now become fully aware of his fallibility. He was totally aware that this man was like a fallen angel, stuck somewhere between heaven and hell with no foreseeable peace. He just wants him to have some comfort.

He sat there wondering if Miss kitty felt like this, all the time. Wondering if there was a day she'd have to hear the news, and know that he was dead. Was there a day, the Doc would have to come and view his body. No. Chester just couldn't bring himself to light that lantern. To him, that light, shining this late at night was like beacon of hope, that he just didn't have.


A/N: Wow! This was my first fanfiction for a series older than I am. Watching MeTV, for those of you that know the channel, is a great way to go back to when I was kid. It's piece of nostalgia that's comforting. The ironic part is while I remember watching Gunsmoke on occasion, I'd never seen any of the B&W, Marshal Dillon episodes before. The minute I saw Chester (Dennis Weaver), I'd fell in love with the pairing of him with the marshal. After all, there's nothing sexy about Festus, though I like him, too.

At any rate I was sadden to learn of James Arness' passing this year. I loved him as Marshal Matt Dillon. He really brought this man to life in the long history of the Gunsmoke franchise and frankly, I don't think there's anyone who could have pulled off the role better than he.

R.I.P. James Arness! T.T

*sighs* Ok, well the series, High School of the Dead (which gets shortened to HOTD. I have no idea of why there's no S) has been getting some major buzz, from friends both here and on Facebook,  which has brought this show to my attention. It's full of gratuitous fanservice, which in many instances annoyed shit out me. Once you get pass that though, I must admit, I really got into the story. And I recognized that there are some deep topics put to the viewer.

HOTD begins in a normal Japanese high school, when one of the main characters witnesses faculty attacked by zombie at the locked school gate. Then the teachers begin to attack from within the safety of the gates. The wide spread chaos of what is labeled to be Z-day, that is caused by "Them" grows to the realization, that it's not only the school but the entire country that's been launched into a zombie apocalypse.  When the topic of humanity is really brought into focus, many of the issues that the core group experience are both terrifying and heartbreaking. 

The violence is understood and at some points driven home in a cruel but necessary way, for the question, "Do you want to die? Or do you want to live?" to be answered. Unfortunately many die and those who live through the hell have to answer that very question constantly, even to the point of killing many those who are still living. 

But as scary as many of these points are, in this series, they still manage to make me laugh at some things. Some even, at the expense of the walking dead. There are some seriously hilarious pervy moments brought on by the annoying fanservice, too. And despite that one point, I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes from this series and I'd recommend it to all who are looking for some good zombie action.

Oh and BTW, dare I say I was so damn impressed with the English dub, I can't even tell you! The snarky comebacks and well timed references had me shocked.

I'm God (Quincest)

Title: I'm God Part 1
Author: Perverted Priestess 69
Pairing: Quincest (Ryuukin x Uryuu)
Rated: R
Warnings: Incest, Shotacon mentions

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach and I make zilch off of Kubo Tite's work.

      Bleach: Ryuuken, Uryuu by Eneada

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I'm still ALIVE!!!!!!

I don't know what hell that crap was but it sure as hell is what i put on my page! Whoever's been on my page better stay the fuck off of it!


Favorites You Most Like To... Meme

Ok, so I ganked this from drabbleandfluff  who in turn ganked it from bloodcrow . Here are my fun results to the very same meme!

Favorite character: Renji and Grimmjow (In that order) I literally remember saying, "Oooh! Who's that?" when I say both of them! @_@

Least favorite character: Iba, Omaeda and Zomari

Character with the best hair: 3way tie: Renji, Yumichika and Il Forte

Character with the best eyes: Grimmjow, What can I say I like a litlle pshyco in my sexy!

Character I'd most want to kiss: Renji

Character I'd most likely screw: Grimmjow with Renji tag teaming! (That's how it's gonna happen, I tell you!)

Character I'd make lunch: Isshin because I'd think he'd just say appreciative stuff about how Daddy's happy. Then I'd answer, "Your not my daddy but you can be!" XD I'm a mad flirt!

Character I'd go singing in the rain with: Kenny! Because he'd be a great audience and laugh at my shenanigans. But he'd need an umbrella so his spikes won't get wet!

Character I'd go shopping with: The Prissy Dudes Brigade (Yumichika, Byakuya, Kira, Ishida, Hanatarou, Szayel) What a day! Queer Eye For the Sentei! LMFAO!!!!

Character I'd go dancing with: I'd SO want to be sandwhiched between Renji and Shuuei! What a sexyass sandwhich that is!! Would not know which way to look!!

Character I'd take over the world with: Hmmm... *thinks* The Karakura Daddies (Urahara, Isshin, Ryuukin) *nods* Definitely!

Character I'd most want to cosplay: Maybe baby Nell Tu

Favorite pairing: Het? Agrees WTF? Yoruichi/Urahara I know this is hot for a fact! I've wrote this pairing and it WORKS!!

Favorite yaoi pairing: Ikkaku/Yumichika Is my OTP!! ALL day, EVERY day!

Favorite yuri pairing: The Big Boobie Brigade's Yoruichi x Halibel x Nell Tu (Threesome not a pairing but yeah! Oh! My nose is bleeding!)

Just like Drabble and Fluff said... Please feel free to fill out the meme in your comments (if you leave any) too! I'd love to see what you all think, and gank as you like. I just did!


His Protector (Yumichika/Ikkaku)

Title: His Protector
Author: Pervie Priestess 69   x-posted to the_yumiverse  and yumikkaku 
Pairing: Yumichika/Ikkaku
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: D/s themes, Sensory deprivation and awareness, hurt/comfort-ish type deal
Summary: There is only one thing that Ikkaku fears, and it’s far beyond his control. It’s a good thing Yumi’s got his back!

This is dedicated to the thunderstorm outside that flooded my kitchen room floor the night I wrote this. *sighs* Collapse )

My Anime WATCHED List

Well, I've done a list of stuff I will be watching but taking cues from a my LJ home-girls: narutovixin and ninjetteallie , I've decided to do a WATCHED list! And believe me when I say this list is LOOOONG as hell!!! What can I say? I've been watching anime literally since the first grade. And yes, I do remember a lot because there were things set in placethen that made me remember since they don't exist now, like the fact the first time I saw anime anything was on channel 66! Now, dig that! That was back in the day before it became Telemudo! So here we go! You all are about to find out just how old I am and just how influential anime could be on a childs memory and developement.

This is the listed legacy that anime has left me... *sighs* Man, I"m old! XDCollapse )
Series: The BLEACH Reality Series Gaiden (Revised)
Title: Obsidian Heart
Author: Perverted Priestess 69
Pairing: Grimmjow Jaggerjacques/Tia Halibel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Before Mina became a part of Grimmjow’s world; his life was hard to live. Even more difficult than that, was it to attain love in a place as desolate as Hueco Mundo, but the lonely heart searches nonetheless. Is this an admirable cause or is this desperate insanity to think love is possible?

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